Portable Machine Works’ fabrication shop provides repair services as well as parts manufacturing.  While our concentration is on light structural fabrication, we also fabricate piping and perform weld repairs.  Our welding processes include stick, tig and mig on most materials including alloys.  Just like our field services and machine shop, our fabricators are on call around the clock to assist you with your fabrication and/or repair needs.

Tooling Design & Fabrication

Portable Machine Works is the go to source in Louisiana for specialized machining, welding and fabrication.  We understand that finding and utilizing the right tools and components can be a difficult challenge.  Portable Machine Works has more than 30 years of experience in designing and fabricating a variety of components for an even wider range of industries.  We provide design and fabrication services for a variety of machining and welding applications.  Our in-house design and fabrication services allow us to design, inspect and reverse engineer components on demand.

Structural Fabrication & Design Services

Portable Machine Works offers high quality structural fabrication and design services that meet and exceed industry standards.  Our fabrication and welding facilities are equipped with state of the art equipment allowing us to keep up with the constantly changing needs of our customers.

We structural fabrication services include steel structures and custom fixtures.  Our facilities and equipment enable us to build any component to order.  We are committed to maintaining the highest standards in structural fabrication and design, and we employ an experienced, highly trained staff of welders and designers to ensure our customers are satisfied.

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