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Onsite Field Machining Services

Field Machining Service TechniciansPortable Machine Works’ expertise is in onsite field machining, hence our name.  We will respond to your on-site needs 24 hours a day. Our many years of experience, coupled with our superior equipment, enables us to reduce expensive down time and lower your maintenance costs.

For many industries, large equipment cannot leave the facility when it’s in need of repair, which is why Portable Machine Works offers field machining services.  We bring our machining services on site, with the right tools and machinery to get the job done and get your equipment up and running.

Our field machining services allows our clients to receive modifications and repairs to parts and equipment, without having to ship equipment out of the facility, often in as little as 24 hours.  Our field machining team utilize state of the art tools to get your equipment where it needs to be.  Our highly trained, experienced field machining specialists perform a wide range of services.

Flange Facing

We offer flange facing on all types of flanges such as raised face, flat face, tongue and groove, ring joint, Grayloc©, lens ring and many more.  Diameter capabilities range from 3/4″ to 204″ with  ID mount and OD mount options available.

Line Boring

Our line boring capabilities range from less than 2″ up to 120″ and larger if need be.  Any depth, any material and almost always any location.  We can provide a practical solution for your line boring project.  Common examples include:  pin fits on construction equipment, stern tubes and struts on marine vessels, compressor cylinders and many more.


If it needs to be flat, parallel, perpendicular or anything else you can imagine, PMW has the equipment and the experience to complete milling tasks that would otherwise be impossible with conventional equipment.  Precision keyways, equipment pads, sole plates, slotting – you name it, we’ll cut it.  In doing so, we can meet the specified tolerances and finishes.  If you think it can’t be milled, give us a call and we can provide a solution.

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