Laser Inspection

Laser Inspection is the newest addition to our service offerings.  Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we are able to perform dimensional inspection on components.  This gives us the ability to obtain very precise measurements in a fraction of the time that it would take with conventional equipment.  Not to mention, this equipment allows us to take measurements that would otherwise be impossible with conventional measuring equipment.  It also gives you, our customer, the “as found” and “as left” information that is important to your organization.  Call us today to schedule a demonstration of our laser inspection services.

FARO Laser Inspection Services

In the industrial world, precision is everything.  A misalignment by a fraction can mean a project comes to a complete halt and has to start from scratch.  At Portable Machine Works, we help to prevent these issues with our laser inspection services, utilizing FARO Laser equipment.

Laser inspection and scanning allows for a detailed, precise analysis of an object and allows us to provide our clients with detailed information and models of their equipment and parts.  The information gathered through laser inspection can then be transferred into CAD or other programs for reverse engineering, modeling, scaling or prototyping depending on the needs of the project.

On-Site Laser Inspections

We offer on-site laser inspections using high-end FARO laser inspection equipment.  Our top of the line laser inspection tools allow use to be on site to provide high quality scanning and inspection services on just about any piece of equipment.

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